The Truth About Liquor Safety In Mexican Resorts – Tour By Mexico (2023)

The safety of liquor in Mexican resorts has been a hot topic of debate for many years. Some say that the liquor in these resorts is safe to drink, while others claim that it is not. So, what is the truth? Is liquor safe to drink in Mexican resorts? There are a few things to consider when answering this question. First, it is important to note that the quality of liquor in Mexican resorts varies greatly. Some resorts use high-quality liquor that is safe to drink, while others use lower-quality liquor that may not be as safe. Second, it is also important to consider how the liquor is being consumed. If you are drinking liquor straight from the bottle, it is more likely to be safe than if you are mixing it with other drinks or taking shots. Third, it is also important to consider your own personal tolerance for alcohol. If you are not used to drinking liquor, it is important to be aware that you may be more susceptible to its effects. Overall, the safety of liquor in Mexican resorts depends on a number of factors. If you are concerned about the safety of liquor in Mexican resorts, it is important to talk to your doctor or a qualified alcohol expert before consuming any alcohol.

Two young people were reportedly found unconscious in a pool at a Mexican resort after drinking heavily, according to reports. A young woman was pronounced brain dead and was taken off of life support. Her brother had been involved in the incident, but he had been found. Because of this story, people are concerned about safety in Mexican resorts. Regardless of the quality of the alcohol, Mexico’s alcohol has dangerous effects that should allay any fears about its consumption. Can there be more risks with visiting mexico? It is important to understand that drinking alcohol can have a negative effect on you, even if you consume it in moderation.

Cocktails typically contain less alcohol than full strength alcoholic beverages, and even less alcohol under low-shelf brands. For tourists who are staying for a few days, a mixed drink can cost anywhere from 80-150 pesos. You pay what you get. Mexico’s government recently stated that there is an illegal alcohol industry in the country. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence linking it to health problems, there have been some anecdotal reports. We, as customers, are responsible for our own enjoyment and having control over when and how we consume alcohol. There are several places to drink in Playa del Carmen.

If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, you will almost always have a doctor on-site. If you are unable to attend the funeral or the situation is out of your control, you will be taken to a hospital or medical facility. The hospitals in Mexico are profit-making, and when you register, you will almost always be required to provide proof of payment.

A large pitcher of pina coladas or strawberry daquiris is commonly used by the resort, which frequently serves local specialties such as pina coladas or strawberry daquiris. To keep the drinks light, they tend to water them down so they are not too strong; if you prefer a stronger drink, choose something other than the large pitcher everyone drinks from.

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Don’t forget to drink bottled water instead of the margaritas. Any bacteria that may be present are killed instantly as a result of the alcohol. Regardless of where you live, it is usually the case that you become ill from drinking tap water. We recommend you spend some time in Mexico.

Authorities seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol in Mexico in 2017 after an investigation into the death of American Abbey Conner, who drank possibly contaminated alcohol while staying at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar in Playa del Carmen.

Which Mexican Resorts Has Tainted Alcohol?

The Truth About Liquor Safety In Mexican Resorts – Tour By Mexico (1)

The Wisconsin family is suing a luxury resort in Mexico and booking site bookings after claiming contaminated alcohol killed their daughter. Abbey Conner was found dead in a pool at a hotel in Playa del Carmen last year after drinking what police said was poisonous alcohol.

It is believed that the illegal manufacturer supplied tourist attractions in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The resort Iberostar Paraiso Maya was one of two bars shut down. A 20-year-old Wisconsin woman was discovered unconscious in a pool at the resort in January. An unlicensed and expired bottle of alcohol was discovered in an unsanitary Mexico bar, leading to the establishment’s closure. Fat Tuesday, a Cancun bar, was also temporarily shut down by authorities, who took 90 gallons of alcohol from both. In July, the U.S. State Department advised travelers to be cautious when purchasing or consuming alcohol in Mexico because it may contain tainted or counterfeit ingredients.

The Dangers Of Tainted Alcohol In Mexico

It is critical that travelers in Mexico be aware of the risks of tainted alcohol. The country is heavily involved in the illegal importation and sale of alcoholic beverages, both unlawfully adulterated and produced under unregulated conditions, and a few people in Mexico have died as a result of drinking tainted alcohol. Buying your own alcohol at the airport, as well as being aware of the signs that your drink may contain taint, is critical to protecting yourself. Methanol is a common additive in alcohol, and despite the fact that it does not taste bad, it can still make it dangerous.

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Is Alcohol In Mexico Safe To Drink?

Yes, alcohol in Mexico is safe to drink. The water is purified and the alcohol is distilled, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick from drinking it.

Reports of passengers becoming ill or blacking out after drinking allegedly substandard or contaminated alcohol. According to the Department of Safety, it is best to drink alcohol in moderation while in Mexico and to stop if you become ill. If one drink of industrial grade alcohol is consumed, it can raise the body’s blood alcohol content to dangerous levels. Another poisonous substance found in windshield wipers is methanol, which is found in windshield wiper fluid. There could also be evidence of date rape drugs in news reports about purported victims of tainted alcohol.

Water consumption in Mexico poses a number of health risks, so it’s a good idea to be aware of them before you travel. The Mexican government issued travel warnings and regional advisories for the country on October 7, 2019, indicating that there are areas where drinking water safety is not guaranteed. Drinking water in Mexico is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and toxins, putting your health at risk. Water contaminated with bacteria can cause gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Viruses can cause serious diseases such as hepatitis A and E, as well as meningitis. Toxins can cause liver damage, neurological problems, and even death in some people. Even if tap water is safe to drink, using a Water-To-Go Bottle can help reduce your exposure to these risks. A Water-To-Go Bottle can remove 99.999999% of bacteria, viruses, toxins, and microplastics from water, according to the manufacturer. You can be confident that you are drinking the finest and most dependable water with a Water-To-Go Bottle.

Can You Drink At Resorts In Mexico?

In Mexico, it is illegal for young adults under the age of 21 to purchase alcohol without presenting photo identification such as a passport or a driver’s license. Even if most resorts, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs do not strictly check IDs, you should be prepared to present them at the time of check-in.

If you are going to visit Mexico Beach this winter, make sure you abide by the city’s beach rules. The dunes or sea oats cannot be walked on, no glass can be allowed on the sand, and open fires cannot be started. Pets are also not permitted in city limits, as they are not permitted on the city beach.

Can You Drink Openly In Mexico?

In Mexico, open containers of alcohol are prohibited. If you violate the law, you may face fines or jail time. Drinking on city streets is prohibited.

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Don’t Drink And Drive In Mexico

If you’re going to Mexico, it’s best to avoid places where people are drinking from open cups on the street and instead enjoy a refreshing cocktail while there. Even though it may seem like a no-brainer, you should not drink cocktails while in Mexico. Instead, I recommend using a Water-To-Go Bottle, which can filter 99.999999% of bacteria, viruses, toxins, and microplastics.

List Of Resorts In Mexico With Tainted Alcohol

There have been a number of reports in the news of tainted alcohol at resorts in Mexico. This has led many people to wonder which resorts might be affected. Here is a list of some of the resorts that have been mentioned in connection with tainted alcohol: -Iberostar Paraiso del Mar -Iberostar Cancun -Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya -Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa -Now Amber Puerto Vallarta -Occidental Grand Nuevo Vallarta -Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun -Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun -Hyatt Zilara Cancun -Hyatt Ziva Cancun If you are planning a trip to Mexico, it is important to be aware of the possibility of tainted alcohol at some of the resorts. You may want to consider avoiding the above-mentioned resorts, or at least being extra cautious about what you drink while you are there.

During her tour of the United States, Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Enriaue de la Madrid Cordero, met with American media. In a statement, Secretary Kerry questioned whether the warnings issued by the US State Department were in the best interest of travelers. The Mexican government, according to him, believes that the tainted alcohol reports are the result of tourists drinking a lot of alcohol. On CNBC’s Power Lunch, the Secretary of Tourism for Mexico, Enriaue de la Madrid Cordero, discussed tourism issues. The secretary made the point that he knew a lot about a specific case, so he didn’t have to ask. According to firsthand accounts, Mexico has long been known to be a source of suspicious alcohol. Hundreds of victims have been identified in Mexico Vacation Awareness, a web site dedicated to Nolan Webster and the hundreds of other victims who have been affected by suspicious alcohol consumption while in Mexico.

According to the Secretary of Tourism for Mexico, there is no tax on the liquor served at resorts and that it is good alcohol. Because these reports may be the result of binge drinking rather than contaminated alcohol, the Secretary of Tourism for Mexico would be correct in believing it. We are dedicated to educating consumers about counterfeit or fake alcohol, as well as to keeping liquor safe. If you witness any illegal alcohol consumption, please report it to us using our secure form or by dialing (833) SAFE-TIP.

Tainted Alcohol Kills Dozens In Mexico

While it is not clear what caused the Jalisco deaths, it is clear that the alcohol in question was contaminated. It is possible for drinking toxic alcohol to be fatal. It is critical to understand that this type of alcohol is dangerous to consume, as well as that resorts that use illegal distilleries should be avoided.

All-inclusive Resorts Fake Alcohol

An all-inclusive resort is a resort where guests can enjoy activities and amenities without having to worry about additional costs. Many all-inclusive resorts include food and drink in their rates, and some also include activities and entertainment. However, some guests have complained that the alcohol served at all-inclusive resorts is fake. There are a few reasons why guests might believe that the alcohol served at all-inclusive resorts is fake. First, some guests have reported that the alcohol tastes different than what they are used to. Second, some all-inclusive resorts water down their drinks to save money. And finally, some all-inclusive resorts serve lower-quality alcohol to their guests. If you are concerned about the quality of the alcohol served at an all-inclusive resort, you can always ask the staff about the brands of alcohol that they serve. You can also bring your own alcohol to the resort, although you may have to pay a fee for this service.

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According to bartenders at Oyster, there is no such thing as a myth about how to make drinks at most all-inclusive resorts. Most bartenders will not allow you to force them to make your drink stronger. The only way to ensure that you DO not get what you want is to tell them how to mix drinks. A mooshoe is a drink that is labor-intensive and does not provide any special flavor. According to bartender research, telling guests they’re out of mint is the best way to discourage them from ordering one. If you want the best liquor, it will be required to ask for it. In most cases, pitchers will contain less alcohol than other pitchers, according to the Best Life.

All-inclusive pitchers contain fewer shots than regular pitchers, and they are available in sizes ranging from small to large. It is possible for bartenders to follow instructions from their superiors and reduce costs by filling the pitcher with non-alcoholic ingredients. In very rare cases, only premium drinks will be given away at the discretion of the bartender. There are some premium alcohol options available at most all-inclusive resorts around the world. You will not be given the drink for free by a bartender. They hate it because they find themselves in an awkward position.

The Pros And Cons Of Drinking At All-inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Because of the large number of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, you can learn about the best of the country, but keep in mind that alcohol is frequently included in the package. In some cases, this could mean that the alcohol has been watered down, making it difficult to tell if it is alcoholic. Furthermore, keep in mind that Mexican alcohol is not always as safe to consume as other types of alcohol, as is frequently the case.

Mexico Resort Blackouts

A Mexico resort blackout is a power outage that occurs at a resort in Mexico. These blackouts can be caused by a number of factors, including storms, electrical problems, and even a power grid failure. While a Mexico resort blackout can be a major inconvenience, it is important to remember that these blackouts are relatively rare and that most resorts have backup generators that can provide power for a limited time.

A few people who are traveling to Mexico consume a moderate amount of alcohol, but soon black out. Individuals who have blacked out have also reported being beaten, injured, and robbed while blacking out. They will not remember anything from prior to drinking because they have regained consciousness. Abbey Connor, 20, was found face down in a swimming pool after being discovered face down by a family member. According to the U.S. State Department, no such incidents have occurred in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Los Cabos, or Puerto Vallarta. Many tourists have reported waking up not feeling hung over after blacking out, sometimes with their spouse or friend, and waking up later. Furthermore, they have no memory of what has happened to them at all. During a recent inspection, authorities discovered 31 different resorts, nightclubs, and restaurants in Cancun. The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and the Governmental Affairs Committee is urging the United States to thoroughly investigate the incidents, as are both the State Department and the Mexican government.


Is it safe to drink alcohol in Mexico resorts? ›

Travel safety experts say tourists should not feel that they have to fully avoid drinking alcohol in Mexico. But they do advise being extra vigilant. While this may not help in every situation, here are some tips provided by experts for handling alcohol in foreign destinations.

Is it safe to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico? ›

If they stay alert, most visitors will have no problems at all.” Generally, beach resorts and popular tourist areas are considered among the safest areas as drug cartel–related violence generally isn't aimed at tourists.

How can we prevent tainted alcohol in Mexico? ›

Buying bottled or canned drinks reduces the risk of consuming tainted alcohol. Also, you can choose not to have ice cubes in your beverage to avoid potentially getting sick from potentially contaminated water that will gradually melt in your beverage.

How to be safe at all-inclusive resorts? ›

10 Tips for Staying at an All-Inclusive Resort
  1. Don't forget about airport transportation. ...
  2. Keep your valuables safe. ...
  3. Tips aren't always included. ...
  4. Bring a brand new bottle of sunblock. ...
  5. Take it easy with the food. ...
  6. Plan some downtime. ...
  7. Bring your own cup and watch the pour. ...
  8. Look into Kids' Camp.

Is alcohol diluted in all-inclusive? ›

10 Yes, The Drinks Really Are Watered Down

But the truth is, most don't. And this is especially true of all-inclusive who have to keep their costs down due to "unlimited drinks." Therefore, watering down drinks is no myth, according to bartenders on Oyster.

Do Mexico resorts have security? ›

The security personnel in the resorts take on many roles. One of the most important is controlling who has access to resort grounds, which in Cancun is done by carrying out security checks at the entry points to ensure only staff, service personnel, and guests have access.

What drinks to avoid in Mexico? ›

Water that has been disinfected. Ice made with bottled or disinfected water. Carbonated drinks. Hot coffee or tea.
In Mexico don't drink:
  • Tap or well water.
  • Ice made with tap or well water.
  • Drinks made with tap or well water (such as reconstituted juice)
  • Unpasteurized milk.
Jun 28, 2018

Can you walk around with alcohol in Mexico? ›

Open alcohol containers in public are illegal in Mexico. You may face a fine or time in jail. 6. Drinking on public streets is prohibited.

Are tours to Mexico safe? ›

Generally speaking, Mexico is a safe destination if visitors use common sense and educate themselves about the particular region of the country they are visiting. Due to crime, several regions of Mexico are subject to elevated travel advisories.

Is it safe to do tours in Mexico? ›

It is relatively safe for travelers to head to tourist destinations and major urban centers such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey,” Lopez-Aranda told CNN Travel. The state of Quintana Roo, where Cancún is located, carries an "exercise increased caution" travel advisory.

What is the safest tourist destination in Mexico? ›

1. Merida — Safest City in Mexico & Latin America. Merida is a popular tourist destination and expat city, famed for colorful streets and rich Mayan history. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the safest parts of Mexico, Merida consistently ranks as the safest place to travel in Mexico.

Is it safe to drink margaritas in Mexico? ›

Enjoy the margaritas and stick to bottled water. The alcohol takes care of killing any bacteria. The tap water is what generally gets you sick regardless of the country. Enjoy - love Mexico.

What is the secret place for alcohol? ›

A speakeasy, in its strict definition is a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, particularly during the prohibition era.

Can you have ice in your drinks in Mexico? ›

Can I drink ice in Mexico? Wondering, Is ice safe in Mexico? Yes — You can safely drink ice in Mexico. As mentioned, locals don't drink the tap water, and they don't make ice cubes with it either.

What is the disadvantage of all-inclusive hotels? ›

CON: The food often isn't great.

On the other hand, one of the biggest complaints against all-inclusive resorts is that the food is often just so-so. Because everything is included, there's no higher price tag for higher-quality menu items like you'd find in a restaurant.

How can I avoid getting sick at an all-inclusive resort? ›

17 ways to avoid getting sick in exotic destinations
  1. Assess the health requirements. ...
  2. Get the recommended vaccines. ...
  3. Pack over-the-counter meds … just in case. ...
  4. Purchase travel insurance … just in case. ...
  5. Drink bottled water. ...
  6. Stand up for your choice to drink bottled water. ...
  7. Hot water is fine … as long as it's been boiled.
Dec 1, 2016

Should you use the safe at a resort? ›

However, are hotel room safes really safe? The simple answer is no. Hotel room safes are never going to be perfectly safe, and you should take steps to protect your valuables when travelling. Make sure you have the right insurance before leaving your country.

Do Mexican resorts water down their alcohol? ›

Often, the resort will have a local specialty like pina coladas or strawberry daquiris, which they'll make in a giant pitcher. They tend to water down the drinks so they're not too strong, but if you prefer a stronger drink, order something other than the big pitcher everyone is drinking from.

What not to eat in Mexico all-inclusive? ›

Never eat things washed with tap water (fruits, vegetables, ice made with tap water, etc.) Never eat food that has not been cooked thoroughly. Avoid raw seafood, undercooked eggs, and any meat that is not completely cooked.

What is the 3 drink rule all-inclusive? ›

Six alcoholic drinks are only allowed if you're on an all inclusive holiday. This means you can have up to three at lunch, and three at dinner.

How do I protect myself when traveling to Mexico? ›

To protect yourself from crime in violent areas:
  1. avoid road travel, especially at night.
  2. avoid isolated locations.
  3. pay close attention to your personal security.
  4. stay alert to possible threats around you.
  5. follow the advice of local authorities.
  6. monitor the media for safety or security risks.
Jan 24, 2023

Do you go through security after landing in Mexico? ›

Entering Mexico you have immigration and customs. Leaving Mexico you have a passport check and go through security. Entering US you have passport check and customs. When entering Mexico customs involves filling out a form, often handed out on the plane.

Does Mexico use TSA locks? ›

Mexico does not require you to only use TSA locks like the USA does but everytime in the last few years that I have traveled with another type of lock it has been cut off.

What to avoid in Mexico resorts? ›

Avoid: Mixed Drinks

Some all-inclusive resorts in Mexico have been accused of serving tainted alcohol that is kept in unsanitary conditions. If you're concerned, stick with bottled options like beer and wine.

What are the 5 Mexican states to avoid? ›

Six states fall under a "do not travel to" warning, including Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas.

Is it OK to drink coffee in Mexico? ›

Drink safe drinks

Coffee, hot tea, canned soda and juice, beer, wine and alcohol are all a safe bet.

What is the new alcohol law in Mexico? ›

Mexico's legal blood alcohol content is 0.8. The new alcohol law took effect in Cancun, Riviera Maya in February 2019; Under the new law packaged alcohol cannot be sold past 11:00 p.m. Bars that wish to sell alcohol after that time can apply for a special permit that will allow alcohol sales until 3:00 a.m.

What medications are not allowed in Mexico? ›

Specifically, products that contain stimulants (medicines that contain pseudoephedrine, such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers) or codeine are prohibited.

What time does Mexico stop selling alcohol? ›

Most Mexican states allow stores, restaurants, and bars to sell alcohol 24 hours a day.

Is it safe to go to Mexico right now 2023? ›

Crime: Crime, including violent crime, can occur anywhere in Mexico, including in popular tourist destinations. Travelers should maintain a high level of situational awareness, avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and promptly depart from potentially dangerous situations.

How safe is Cancun right now? ›

Cancun is a safe destination to visit with friendly residents and a low crime rate compared to other Mexican cities.

What happened in Cancun Mexico? ›

Mexico is plagued by cartel-related bloodshed that has seen more than 300,000 people killed since 2006. A shooting involving suspected drug dealers has killed four people on a beach in Mexico's popular Caribbean resort of Cancun.

Is Cancun safe right now 2023? ›

If you're thinking about a vacation and wondering, “Is Cancun Safe?” … the short answer is: the Yucatán Peninsula, including Cancun, Tulum, and the Riviera, is the safest area of Mexico in 2023, according to the US State Department.

Are resorts in Cancun safe? ›

Cancun is one of Mexico's safest vacation cities.

While the city of Cancun itself may have crime, the resorts are typically extremely safe. In fact, many even have their own armed guards. Once you get toward areas like Riviera Maya and Costa Mujeres, the crime rates plummet.

How safe is travel to Cozumel Mexico? ›

Cozumel has an extremely low crime rate, and most tourists shouldn't anticipate any danger during their trip. It's always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Tourists should exercise extra caution when it comes to trying different food and drinking water.

What is the #1 safest city in Mexico? ›

Cancun has really managed to keep the crime rate down. This is due to the local government's tough stance against crime and quick response to crises. Los Cabos has also been named the safest place to visit in Mexico for 2023.

Is Puerto Vallarta safer than Cancun? ›

But if you know when to visit, you can save some big bucks both in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. Both are overall safe for tourists, and the prices are pretty much similar.

Is Cabo or Cancun better? ›

You can't go wrong choosing between Cabo and Cancun for your Mexican getaway. Cabo is a better option for luxury travel and families, while Cancun beats out Cabo for nightlife and partying. However, especially if you're traveling as a family, you should research flight time and non-stop service.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Mexico? ›

Brushing Your Teeth

Residents in Mexico may brush their teeth with tap water, but they'll rinse and spit, careful not to swallow. As a tourist, you may be better off taking the precaution of using bottled water to brush your teeth, and do try to remember to keep your mouth shut when you shower.

Is it safe to take a shower in Mexico? ›

The water source matters

Water delivered to homes in Mexico is suitable for showering and washing-up the dishes, but most people don't use unfiltered tap water for personal consumption.

Is it safe to drink tequila from Mexico? ›

The answer is yes, it is safe to travel to tequila-producing areas in Mexico, as long as you take some basic safety precautions. Tequila is produced in the state of Jalisco, which is located in central Mexico. The town of Tequila is the center of the tequila-producing region and is a popular tourist destination.

How do alcoholics hide the smell? ›

Masking the smell of alcohol

A person who regularly hides the amount they drink may always keep mints or chewing gum on their person or in the car. They may also insist on buying mouthwash which, despite being designed to mask bad breath, also contains alcohol.

What is the most drunk place in the world? ›

Belarus, a country that drinks the most liters of pure alcohol than any other country in the world, was also classified as having one the riskiest pattern of drinking.

Why do alcoholics prefer vodka? ›

Some alcoholics prefer to drink vodka because it is clear and looks like water, and it doesn't have the strong odours that other alcoholic beverages have. Just because someone prefers vodka doesn't mean they're an alcoholic.

Can you drink ice at resorts in Mexico? ›

Yes, the ice in your drink is safe. The ice that is provided to restaurants, bars and convenience stores is produced in ice factories using purified water. Hotels and restaurants that use ice machines also use purified water.

Can 18 year olds drink in Mexico at resorts? ›

Legal drinking age in Mexico is 18. We might ask for an I.D. at any time. Under-age drinking and providing alcohol to minors is punished by law. Introducing alcohol to the premises or taking it out of the premises is not allowed.

Can you drink alcohol in Cancun? ›

The minimum legal drinking age in Cancun, Mexico is 18 years old. Mexico requires that you show a photo identification as proof of age when purchasing alcohol. It is not against the law to travel with alcohol in a vehicle in Mexico, driving while drunk is a criminal offense.

Do resorts in Mexico use filtered water? ›

Not in the majority of cases. Usually, most 5-star hotels and resorts in Mexico provide purified water plastic bottles in the hotel room or in the form of bottled waters or in 5-gallon containers to refill your bottles.

Should I brush my teeth with bottled water in Cancun? ›

Although there will be some bacteria in the water from the tap it is fine to brush your teeth with, even if you are at a place where you can't drink the tap water. I have been doing so for 7 years without any issues.


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