Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (2023)

Pokemon Vega is another interesting Pokemon ROM hack that you can play and add to your list. It uses Fakemon and has a nice story and a plethora of content. Along with that content is a plethora of working Pokemon Vega cheats. That’s right; we have a couple of them that you can use if you ever play the game.

One interesting note is that the Pokemon Modifier codes won’t give you the standard Pokemon but more or less the Fakemon used.

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Anyway, remember to always input the code as either Game Shark or Code Breaker types. Also, make sure that the cheats are turned on or off if you have no plan on using them.

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Table of Contents

List of Working Pokemon Vega Cheats

Item Modifier Cheats (All Code Breaker)

These Pokemon Vega cheats will modify the Items that you want to have, giving you unlimited amounts of them.

Master Balls
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (1)


Input the code and you can withdraw an unlimited amount of Master Balls from the Item PC.

Rare Candies
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (2)


Input the code and you can withdraw an unlimited amount of Rare Candies from the Item PC

The following codes are for other items. Just change the YYYY to the specific item code that you want. Just head to any Item PC and withdraw an unlimited amount of those items.

Note: Since this is a ROM Hack, some items might not appear, or the code might not work at all.

Healing Items
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (3)

Healing Items


Healing Item Codes

000D = Potion
000E = Antidote
000F = Burn Heal
0010 = Ice Heal
0011 = Awakening
0012 = Parlyz Heal
0013 = Full Restore
0014 = Max Potion
0015 = Hyper Potion
0016 = Super Potion
0017 = Full Heal
0018 = Revive
0019 = Max Revive

Misc Items
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (4)

Misc Items


Misc Item Codes

00B3 = Bright Powder
00B4 = White Herb
00B5 = Macho Brace
00B6 = Exp Share
00B7 = Quick C law
00B8 = Soothe Bell
00B9 = Mental Herb
00BA = C hoice Band
00BB = King’s Rock
00BC = Silver Powder
00BD = Amulet C oin
00BE = C leanse Tag
00BF = Soul Dew
00C 0 = Deep Sea Tooth
00C 1 = Deep Sea Scale
00C 2 = Smoke Ball
00C 3 = Everstone
00C 4 = Focus Band
00C 5 = Lucky Egg
00C 6 = Scope Lens
00C 7 = Metal C oat
00C 8 = Leftovers
00C 9 = Dragon Scale
00C A = Light Ball
00C B = Soft Sand
00C C = Hard Stone
00C D = Miracle Seed
00C E = Black Glasses
00C F = Black Belt
00D0 = Magnet
00D1 = Mystic Water
00D2 = Sharp Beak
00D3 = Poison Barb
00D4 = Nevermelt Ice
00D5 = Spell Tag
00D6 = Twisted Spoon
00D7 = C harcoal
00D8 = Dragon Fang
00D9 = Silk Scarf
00DA = Up-Grade
00DB = Shell Bell
00DC = Sea Incense
00DD = Lax Incense
00DE = Lucky Punch
00DF = Metal Powder
00E0 = Thick C lub
00E1 = Stick
00FE = Red Scarf
00FF = Blue Scarf
0100 = Pink Scarf
0101 = Green Scarf
0102 = Yellow Scarf
0103 = Mach Bike
0104 = C oin C ase
0105 = ItemFinder
0106 = Old Rod
0107 = Good Rod
0108 = Super Rod
0109 = S.S. Ticket
010A = C ontest Pass
010C = Wailmer Pail
010D = Devon’s Goods
010E = Soot Sack
010F = Basement Key
0110 = Acro Bike
0111 = PokeBlock C ase
0112 = Letter
0113 = Eon Ticket
0114 = Red Orb
0115 = Blue Orb
0116 = Scanner
0117 = Go-Goggles
0118 = Meteorite
0119 = Rm.1 Key
011A = Rm.2 Key
011B = Rm.4 Key
011C = Rm.6 Key
011D = Storage Key
011E = Root Fossil
011F = C law Fossil
0120 = Devon Scope
001A = Fresh Water
001B = Soda Pop
001C = Lemonade
001D = MooMoo Milk
001E = Energy Powder
001F = Energy Root
0020 = Heal Powder
0021 = Revival Herb
0022 = Ether
0023 = Max Ether
0024 = Elixer
0025 = Max Elixer
0026 = Lava C ookie
0027 = Blue Flute
0028 = Yellow Flute
0029 = Red Flute
002A = Black Flute
002B = White Flute
002C = Berry Juice
002D = Sacred Ash
002E = Shoal Salt
002F = Shoal Shell
0030 = Red Shard
0031 = Blue Shard
0032 = Yellow Shard
0033 = Green Shard
003F = HP Up
0040 = Protein
0041 = Iron
0042 = C arbos
0043 = C alcium
0044 = Rare C andy
0045 = PP Up
0046 = Zinc
0047 = PP Max
0049 = Guard Spec
004A = Dire Hit
004B = X Attack
004C = X Defend
004D = X Speed
004E = X Accuracy
004F = X Special
0050 = Poke Doll
0051 = Fluffy Tail
0053 = Super Repel
0054 = Max Repel
0055 = Escape Rope
0056 = Repel
005D = Sun Stone
005E = Moon Stone
005F = Fire Stone
0060 = Thunder Stone
0061 = Water Stone
0062 = Leaf Stone
0067 = Tiny Mushroom
0068 = Big Mushroom
006A = Pearl
006B = Big Pearl
006C = Stardust
006D = Star Piece
006E = Nugget
006F = Heart Scale
0079 = Orange Mail
007A = Harbor Mail
007B = Glitter Mail
007C = Mech Mail
007D = Wood Mail
007E = Wave Mail
007F = Bead Mail
0080 = Shadow Mail
0081 = Tropic Mail
0082 = Dream Mail
0083 = Fab Mail
0084 = RetroMail

(Video) Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex Cheat Codes | Pokemon Vega Fairy Edition Ex Working Cheat Codes.
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (5)



TM/HM Codes

0121 = TM01 Focus Punch
0122 = TM02 Dragon Claw
0123 = TM03 Water Pulse
0124 = TM04 Calm Mind
0125 = TM05 Roar
0126 = TM06 Toxic
0127 = TM07 Hail
0128 = TM08 Bulk Up
0129 = TM09 Bullet Seed
012A = TM10 Hidden Power
012B = TM11 Sunny Day
012C = TM12 Taunt
012D = TM13 Ice Beam
012E = TM14 Blizzard
012F = TM15 Hyper Beam
0130 = TM16 Light Screen
0131 = TM17 Protect
0132 = TM18 Rain Dance
0133 = TM19 Giga Drain
0134 = TM20 Safeguard
0135 = TM21 Frustration
0136 = TM22 Solar Beam
0137 = TM23 Iron Tail
0138 = TM24 Thunderbolt
0139 = TM25 Thunder
013A = TM26 Earthquake
013B = TM27 Return
013C = TM28 Dig
013D = TM29 Psychic
013E = TM30 Shadow Ball
013F = TM31 Brick Break
0140 = TM32 Double Team
0141 = TM33 Reflect
0142 = TM34 Shock Wave
0143 = TM35 Flamethrower
0144 = TM36 Sludge Bomb
0145 = TM37 Sandstorm
0146 = TM38 Fire Blast
0147 = TM39 Rock Tomb
0148 = TM40 Aerial Ace
0149 = TM41 Torment
014A = TM42 Facade
014B = TM43 Secret Power
014C = TM44 Rest
014D = TM45 Attract
014E = TM46 Thief
014F = TM47 Steel Wing
0150 = TM48 Skill Swap
0151 = TM49 Snatch
0152 = TM50 Overheat
0153 = HM01 Cut
0154 = HM02 Fly
0155 = HM03 Surf
0156 = HM04 Strength
0157 = HM05 Flash
0158 = HM06 Rock Smash
0159 = HM07 Waterfall
015A = HM08Dive

Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (6)



Berry Codes

0085 = Cheri Berry
0086 = Chesto Berry
0087 = Pecha Berry
0088 = Rawst Berry
0089 = Aspear Berry
008A = Leppa Berry
008B = Oran Berry
008C = Persim Berry
008D = Lum Berry
008E = Sitrus Berry
008F = Figy Berry
0090 = Wiki Berry
0091 = Mago Berry
0092 = Aguav Berry
0093 = Iapapa Berry
0094 = Razz Berry
0095 = Bluk Berry
0096 = Nanab Berry
0097 = Wepear Berry
0098 = Pinap Berry
0099 = Pomeg Berry
009A = Kelpsy Berry
009B = Qualot Berry
009C = Hondew Berry
009D = Grepa Berry
009E = Tamato Berry
009F = C ornn Berry
00A0 = Magost Berry
00A1 = Rabuta Berry
00A2 = Nomel Berry
00A3 = Spelon Berry
00A4 = Pamtre Berry
00A5 = Watmel Berry
00A6 = Durin Berry
00A7 = Belue Berry
00A8 = Liechi Berry
00A9 = Ganlon Berry
00AA = Salac Berry
00AB = Petaya Berry
00AC = Apicot Berry
00AD = Lansat Berry
00AE = Starf Berry
00AF = EnigmaBerry

Wild Pokemon Cheats (All Game Shark)

The following sets of Pokemon Vega cheat involves anything related to Wild Pokemon.

Pokemon Modifier
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (7)

Use the Master Code first and then use the Pokemon Code. Change the YYYY into the Specific Pokemon Code that you want to encounter.


The Pokemon in Vega are Fakemon. This means that you will get the equivalent Fakemon utilizing the Pokemon code. Basically, if you use the Bulbasaur code, you’ll get what Bulbasaur is in the game. It’s a fun experiment if you want to get a Fakemon that you would like.

There could also be some codes that might not work. There are also some Pokemon in the game so they might pop up.

Master Code

000014D1 000A
1003DAE6 0007

(Video) Pokemon Vega Cheat Codes

Pokemon Code


Specific Pokemon Codes

0001 = Bulbasaur
0002 = Ivysaur
0003 = Venusaur
0004 = Charmander
0005 = Charmeleon
0006 = Charizard
0007 = Squirtle
0008 = Wartortle
0009 = Blastoise
000A = Caterpie
000B = Metapod
000C = Butterfree
000D = Weedle
000E = Kakuna
000F = Beedrill
0010 = Pidgey
0011 = Pidgeotto
0012 = Pidgeot
0013 = Rattata
0014 = Raticate
0015 = Spearow
0016 = Fearow
0017 = Ekans
0018 = Arbok
0019 = Pikachu
001A = Raichu
001B = Sandshrew
001C = Sandslash
001D = Nidoran
001E = Nidorina
001F = Nidoqueen
0020 = Nidoran
0021 = Nidorino
0022 = Nidoking
0023 = Clefairy
0024 = Clefable
0025 = Vulpix
0026 = Ninetails
0027 = Jigglypuff
0028 = Wigglytuff
0029 = Zubat
002A = Golbat
002B = Oddish
002C = Gloom
002D = Vileplume
002E = Paras
002F = Parasect
0030 = Venonat
0031 = Venomoth
0032 = Diglett
0033 = Dugtrio
0034 = Meowth
0035 = Persian
0036 = Psyduck
0037 = Golduck
0038 = Mankey
0039 = Primeape
003A = Growlithe
003B = Arcanine
003C = Poliwag
003D = Poliwhirl
003E = Poliwrath
003F = Abra
0040 = Kadabra
0041 = Alakazam
0042 = Machop
0043 = Machoke
0044 = Machamp
0045 = Bellsprout
0046 = Weepinbell
0047 = Victreebel
0048 = Tentacool
0049 = Tentacruel
004A = Geodude
004B = Graveler
004C = Golem
004D = Ponyta
004E = Rapidash
004F = Slowpoke
0050 = Slowbro
0051 = Magnemite
0052 = Magneton
0053 = Farfetch’d
0054 = Doduo
0055 = Dudrio
0056 = Seel
0057 = Dewgong
0058 = Grimer
0059 = Muk
005A = Shellder
005B = Cloyster
005C = Gastly
005D = Haunter
005E = Gengar
005F = Onix
0060 = Drowzee
0061 = Hypno
0062 = Krabby
0063 = Kingler
0064 = Voltorb
0065 = Electrode
0066 = Exeggecute
0067 = Exeggutor
0068 = Cubone
0069 = Marowak
006A = Hitmonlee
006B = Hitmonchan
006C = Lickitung
00D6 = Koffing
006E = Weezing
006F = Rhyhorn
0070 = Rhydon
0071 = Chansey
0072 = Tangela
0073 = Kangaskhan
0074 = Horsea
0075 = Seadra
0076 = Goldeen
0077 = Seaking
0078 = Staryu
0079 = Starmie
007A = Mr. Mime
007B = Scyther
007C = Jynx
007D = Electabuzz
007E = Magmar
007F = Pinsir
0080 = Tauros
0081 = Magikarp

0083 = Lapras
0082 = Gyrados
0084 = Ditto
0085 = Eevee
0086 = Vaporeon
0087 = Jolteon
0088 = Flareon
0089 = Porygon
008A = Omanyte
008B = Omastar
008C = Kabuto
008D = Kabutops
008E = Aerodacty
008F = Snorlax
0090 = Articuno
0091 = Zapdos
0092 = Moltres
0093 = Dratini
0094 = Dragonair
0095 = Dragonite
0096 = Mewtwo
0098 = Chikorita
0097 = Mew
0099 = Bayleef
009A = Meganium
009B = Cyndaquil
009C = Quilava
009D = Typhlosion
009E = Totodile
009F = Croconaw
00A0 = Feraligatr
00A1 = Sentret
00A2 = Furret
00A3 = Hoothoot
00A4 = Noctowl
00A5 = Ledyba
00A6 = Ledian
00A7 = Spinarak
00A8 = Ariados
00A9 = Crobat
00AA = Chinchou
00AB = Lanturn
00AC = Pichu
00AD = Cleffa
00AE = Igglybuff
00AF = Togepi
00B0 = Togetic
00B1 = Natu
00B2 = Xatu
00B3 = Mareep
00B4 = Flaaffy
00B5 = Ampharos
00B6 = Bellossom
00B7 = Marill
00B8 = Azumarill
00B9 = Sudowoodo
00BA = Politoed
00BB = Hoppip
00CB = Skiploom
00C8 = Misdreavus
00C9 = Unown
00CA = Wobbuffet
00CB = Girafarig
00CC = Pineco
00CD = Forretress
00CE = Dunsparce
00CF = Gligar
00D0 = Steelix
00D1 = Snubbull
00D2 = Granbull
00D3 = Qwilfish
00D4 = Scizor
00D5 = Shuckle
00D6 = Heracross
00D7 = Sneasel
00D8 = Teddiursa
00D9 = Ursaring
00DA = Slugma
00DB = Magcargo
00DC = Swinub
00DD = Piloswine
00DE = Corsola
00DF = Remoraid
00E0 = Octillery
00E1 = Delibird
00E2 = Mantine
00E3 = Skarmory
00E4 = Houndour
00E5 = Houndoom
00E6 = Kingdra
00E7 = Phanpy
00E8 = Donphan
00E9 = Porygon2
00EA = Stantler
00EB = Smeargle
00EC = Tyrogue
00ED = Hitmontop
00EE = Smoochum
00EF = Elekid
00F0 = Magby
00F1 = Miltank
00F2 = Blissey
00F3 = Raikou
00F4 = Entai
00F5 = Suicune
00F6 = Larvitar
00F7 = Pupitar
00F8 = Tyranitar
00F9 = Lugia
00FA = Ho-oh
00FB = Celebi
0115 = Treecko
0116 = Grovyle
0117 = Sceptile
0118 = Torchic
0119 = Combusken
011A = Blaziken
011B = Mudkip
011C = Marshtomp
011D = Swampert
011E = Poochyena
011F = Mightyena
0120 = Zigzagoon
0121 = Linoone
0122 = Wurmple
0132 = Silcoon
0124 = Beautifly
0125 = Cascoon
0126 = Dustox

0127 = Lotad
0128 = Lombre
0129 = Ludicolo
012A = Seedot
012B = Nuzleaf
012C = Shiftry
012D = Nincada
012E = Ninjask
012F = Shedinja
0130 = Taillow
0131 = Swellow
0132 = Shroomish
0133 = Breloom
0134 = Spinda
0135 = Wingull
0136 = Pelipper
0137 = Surskit
0138 = Masquerain
0139 = Wailmer
013A = Wailord
013B = Skitty
013C = Delcatty
013D = Kecleon
013E = Baltoy
013F = Claydol
0140 = Nosepass
0141 = Torkoal
0142 = Sableye
0143 = Barboach
0144 = Whiscash
0145 = Luvdisc
0146 = Corphish
0147 = Crawdaunt
0148 = Feebas
0149 = Milotic
014A = Carvanha
014B = Sharpedo
014C = Trapinch
014D = Vibrava
014E = Flygon
014F = Makuhita
0150 = Hariyama
0151 = Electrike
0152 = Manectric
0153 = Numel
0154 = Camerupt
0155 = Spheal
0156 = Sealeo
0157 = Walrein
0158 = Cacnea
0159 = Cacturne
015A = Snorunt
015B = Glalie
015C = Lunatone
015D = Solrock
015E = Azurill
015F = Spoink
0160 = Grumpig
0161 = Plusle
0162 = Minun
0163 = Mawile
0164 = Meditite
0165 = Medicham
0166 = Swablu
0167 = Altaria
0168 = Wynaut
0169 = Duskull
016A = Dusclops
016B = Roselia
016C = Slakoth
016D = Vigoroth
016E = Slaking
016F = Gulpin
0170 = Swalot
0171 = Tropius
0172 = Whismur
0173 = Loudred
0174 = Exploud
0175 = Clamperl
0176 = Huntail
0177 = Gorebyss
0178 = Absol
0179 = Shuppet
017A = Banette
017B = Seviper
017C = Zangoose
017D = Relicanth
017E = Aron
017F = Lairon
0180 = Aggron
0181 = Castform
0182 = Volbeat
0183 = Illumise
0184 = Lileep
0185 = Cradily
0186 = Anorith
0187 = Armaldo
0188 = Ralts
0189 = Kirlia
018A = Gardevoir
018B = Bagon
018C = Shelgon
018D = Salamence
018E = Beldum
018F = Metang
0190 = Metagross
0191 = Regirock
0192 = Regice
0193 = Registeel
0194 = Kyogre
0195 = Groudon
0196 = Rayquaza
0197 = Latias
0198 = Latios
0199 = Jirachi
019A = Deoxys
019B = Chimecho
00BD = Jumpluff
00BE = Aipom
00BF = Sunkern
00C0 = Sunflora
00C1 = Yanma
00C2 = Wooper
00C3 = Quagsire
00C4 = Espeon
00C5 = Umbreon
00C6 = Murkrow
00C7 =Slowking

Shiny Pokemon
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (8)

1670047D 04815C68
18452A7D DDE55BCC

Use the code and you’ll encounter Shiny Wild Pokemon all the time.


Turn off the code before you catch the Pokemon so that it will not have the Name Glitch.

Gender Modifier


EB34F751 A96B854D
78DA95DF 44018CB4

EB34F751 A96B854D
141BB87C 83D7018F

Use the code of the Gender of the Pokemon that you want to have.

Level Modifier
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (9)

Use the first code followed by the specific Level Code that you want to have the Pokemon you encounter.

754ED27A 8B1BEFEE+ Level Code

Level Codes

Level 1: 8BB602F7 8CEB681A
Level 2: 00939804 4086FF3B
Level 3: 2BD38F05 D5A578B1
Level 4: 5685B807 3787DACB
Level 5: A9E4EA45 3651CADD
Level 6: E37D365E D7EAB6AB
Level 7: 51374592 F7A27768
Level 8: A08DD229 10D187E3
Level 9: D84D4738 70F68A80
Level 10: 4C6C2B8C CD0528EB
Level 11: 1F1785AC 433A6DC2
Level 12: B4F6F07D 8F56BA40
Level 13: E32BCCB1 07782CD6
Level 14: D4ABF236 D713B4E0
Level 15: 3CD3295F 921F1D1C
Level 16: B9C51F47 95395496
Level 17: 784E8A1B 83A3E0EF
Level 18: 902D754C 80AFE55F
Level 19: 9D362B43 96A4D044
Level 20: 8C434E48 F703A9E1
Level 21: CC449941 F0BBB13A
Level 22: CEDDB323 FFA50BB1
Level 23: 4688F12F FF9DBE10
Level 24: F6DA2242 E2EDA644
Level 25: 2D02A8EA 9B748C49
Level 26: 9D2895EF 6A2BEE59
Level 27: 1BB7262E 80989B57
Level 28: 79693C0B A82C5A23
Level 29: B98E773A D6E0D6AD
Level 30: A457FA67 BCD9C478
Level 31: 881976CC 20B658FF
Level 32: 0073F88A 0A4E81B6
Level 33: 792E7A0F F4BF8DDB
Level 34: 0965B686 64E170F2
Level 35: C70600E8 789A0DAC
Level 36: 0CF8B98B 706A26BE
Level 37: 2E7A201E 5EDBDEE3
Level 38: 9B169FF5 CBABA5A6
Level 39: 7928BBA3 C55BBEAB
Level 40: 155D7103 D66B8A15
Level 41: 7B9DFCEF 830C6BDA
Level 42: BA697C16 93D76910
Level 43: CCED8F7A 8EC0F43C
Level 44: 58EAABBC FC3CA9C2
Level 45: 710D8A2D 45E999F3
Level 46: 2EC0F0EC 6B1A061F
Level 47: E951E67F BFD89E41
Level 48: B743EDBF B82BB83A
Level 49: 4BF9418B EFC87C19
Level 50: CBEB73A3 90A08906
Level 51: 9818C0C6 E03F8431
Level 52: 8A448A37 583B581C
Level 53: 1855C5A3 70B67919
Level 54: 72898F14 3F2CD864
Level 55: 3E7B9D1E 5CE7F0DC
Level 56: B62795CF CEAE6A48
Level 57: 05858D31 D4449EFE
Level 58: 314DD562 05A14AD1
Level 59: 1DE20256 C4AB72E6
Level 60: 202ABE52 BDC4E314
Level 61: 8AA97E8E D5A80225
Level 62: 8655EB8B 26823B03
Level 63: ACFA01BA 15A282DC
Level 64: AFD8D98B 21E6E4D4
Level 65: 1C2D3029 63D27E35
Level 66: 23D312F1 77111159
Level 67: 20999F30 F1874934
Level 68: 51CF1F27 2E270374
Level 69: 845807DF 2140D018
Level 70: 628E474E E708D501
Level 71: DF5B6268 4EC6A43E
Level 72: 7781E696 7D4D1BAB
Level 73: 2390ED5B F7A08F55
Level 74: FD22366B 83B5DB98
Level 75: 39E224D9 232864F2
Level 76: 2056B422 AB6E09BD
Level 77: 600E909B 524CA077
Level 78: 2E14F003 6BE9DAB3
Level 79: 287541CA 8951C140
Level 80: 9675F502 DB139F05
Level 81: BB099C03 1B03F256
Level 82: 6DC87BB5 6FE8ACDD
Level 83: D82A82B0 CAB7DFD4
Level 84: F738C6D5 A33DF2E1
Level 85: FB80C720 E028C27A
Level 86: 1906A7C9 D7EBAA39
Level 87: D31623FE 50011104
Level 88: D052E037 C6886109
Level 89: A4E99E04 BB9B2A8F
Level 90: 750CEC25 D42EAE36
Level 91: 1CAC5FD6 92679660
Level 92: A5CCA03B 7FED218A
Level 93: 08CBA806 AE4A2260
Level 94: 722C0931 68DA1B05
Level 95: 32DCE4F7 2ABBC366
Level 96: 9F6EE1B2 D14F1E6F
Level 97: 095F268D 77B7D906
Level 98: C2955A45 B3CBC610
Level 99: FCEFE173 1DCCEB51
Level 100: 5630739925DF4466

Nature Modifier

Use the first code followed by the Specific Nature Code that you want to have the Pokemon to have once you catch it.

AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95+ Nature Code

Nature Codes

(Video) Pokemon Vega Cheats 100% Working

D0E34D66 5796A7D3 = Hardy
D73BC50A 5F47AA0E = Lonely
E485844D 2F24038C = Brave
5EB8DEEE 692ED298 = Adamant
83286B46 6479AA98 = Naughty
35EB915F 08F33974 = Bold
A58F6F1B BFB13FEF = Docile
34027F23 7E7E1599 = Relaxed
CDA2AB99 F89D5BB9 = Impish
D593BF29 E18AAAE5 = Lax
1BC372C9 06B4D17F = Timid
D4950A99 D729D80A = Hasty
93F04759 F95753D9 = Serious
E9EC2CBF A7EDD4A7 = Jolly
56F744B0 37E16732 = Naive
E1EB2109 4480C28D = Modest
A2461E51 304137B6 = Mild
0456554B 66D3AAF9 = Quiet
B05B4CCD A0A1505B = Bashful
909149AB 2DE8726A = Rash
31F62F82 D9A0C100 = Calm
9A41D845 41B93FE6 = Gentle
D47DA721 6C3B9FFC = Sassy
1A15BF1E E72650E4 = Careful
5A7B2626 21ECD183 =Quirky

No Encounters

D41DD0CA 33A629E5
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Use the code and you won’t have any Wild Pokemon encounters.

Battle Cheats (All Game Shark)

The following Pokemon Vega cheats are used during battles only.

Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon

4D83B1BF E0F5F507
8E883EFF 92E9660D
B6C5368A 08BE8FF4
90B4977C C0151DC2

Use the code and you can catch the enemy Trainer’s Pokemon. The catch rate and type of Poke Ball will still vary like any wIld Pokemon.


The battle will end once the Trainer’s Pokemon is caught even if they still have any remaining Pokemon.

One Hit Kill

C833D1A0 02FA7205

Use the code and your Pokemon can instantly knock out any enemy Pokemon with a damaging move.

Gain a Lot of EXP


Use the code and you’ll get a ton of EXP after every Pokemon you defeat. Make sure you turn off the cheat so that you stop getting EXP.

Unlimited PP
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (10)

42023C08 6363
00000002 0002

Use the code and all of your Pokemon’s Moves will never run out of PP during battle.

Misc Cheats (All Game Shark)

Unlimited Money (Also In Code Breaker)
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (11)

Game Shark

(Video) Pokemon vega cheats

Master Code

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Money Code

29C78059 96542194

Code Breaker

820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F

Choose from either the Game Shark or Code Breaker type. If the money isn’t maxed out yet, just close and open your Player ID until the money changes.


The Game Shark will give you money around 9999999. The Code Breaker may cause your Money to glitch but that’s not a problem.

Max Stats
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (12)

Use the specific code where your Pokemon is located. Use the First Code if your Pokemon is in the first slot of your party. The same for Second, Third, and so on.


You can just use the First Code and swap any Pokemon into the first slot of the party and their stats will be maxed out.

1st Pokemon

2nd Pokemon

3rd Pokemon

4th Pokemon

5th Pokemon

6th Pokemon

Walk Through Walls
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (13)

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Use the code and you can walk through walls and other terrains. Don’t get stuck in some areas so save before you use the cheat.

Poke Mart Items Cost 1
Pokemon Vega Cheats | PokemonCoders (14)

3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA

Use the code and all items from any Poke Mart will only cost 1.

(Video) Pokemon Vega Cheats, Master Balls, Rare Candies, Healing Items, Berries

In Closing

These are just some of the working Pokemon Vega cheatsthat you can use when playing the game. We pretty much covered the basis except the specific Pokemon or Fakemon codes. They work, so you just have to experiment with which ones will pop up.

Always remember not to turn on a lot of cheats at the same time. There could be a case where some cheats overlap, so only one would work at the time.

It could also cause bugs and glitches when you have a lot of them turned on, so just use a few of them. We also compiled the possible issues alongside their solutions in this guide on How to Fix Not Working and Glitchy Cheats for Pokemon GBA Games.


Can you use cheat codes on Pokemon emulator? ›

On the other hand, if you are playing using the Visual Boy Advance emulator, follow these steps to cheat in Pokémon Emerald: First, open up the VBA emulator. Now select File, then Open and now choose the Pokémon Emerald ROM. Select Cheats and then Cheat list from the VBA menu.

What is 82025840 0044 rare candy? ›

Rare Candy Cheat – Cheat code: 82025840 0044

Rare Candy hastens a Pokemon's evolution. This item is extremely uncommon and can only be acquired by Pokémon with the Gather ability.

Where do you enter Pokemon cheat codes? ›

Select Cheats and then Cheat list from the VBA menu. Select Gameshark. Enter your codes of choice. Select OK twice and you will be back in the game.

What is master code for Pokemon? ›

Pokemon Emerald master codes

This code must be entered first before any other cheat codes will work. The master codes are: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5. A86CDBA5 19BA49B3.

Are game cheat codes illegal? ›

Modifying game data usually constitutes a violation of a software license agreement that prohibits modifying the program at all.

How rare is XL Candy? ›

In total, you'll be able to acquire 31 Rare Candies XL, obtained in only two ways: Some are received as rewards for leveling up between level 40 and level 50/ When you reach levels 43, 45, 48, and 50, you'll be given access to Special Research missions that reward Rare Candies XL once they are completed/

What is the cheat code for lucario? ›

To claim Ash's Lucario in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you need to enter the following code in the Mystery Gift menu: HAD0UW0CATCH. You can access the Mystery Gift menu by pressing X, choosing Mystery Gift, and then selecting the 'Get a Mystery Gift with Code/Password' option.

What GBA emulator allows cheats? ›

John GBA

John GBA emulator offers tons of extra features including built-in cheats, turbo buttons, SD card support, Dropbox support, and ways to improve the rendering. Using the Dropbox support, you can sync and configure the saved gamed data to cloud and play in on any Android device.

What happens if you cheat in Pokemon? ›

If offenders reform their ways, they are welcomed back into the game. However, if offenders continue cheating, they will be permanently removed from the game in accordance with the Pokémon GO Terms of Service.

What is the cheat code for shiny Pokemon? ›

These Pokemon are extremely rare and take a lot of hunting to obtain. A lot of gamers call this “shiny hunting”. Cheat Code: 39584B19 D80CC66A.

What is the cheat code of fire red? ›

Most Popular Pokémon Cheats
Get All TM Items42025A2C012100010032000442025A2E5212000000320004
Infinite Money82025838104E8202583AE971
Easier Pokémon Encounter Code72023D749A3082023D749A53
Wild Pokémon Modifier927366193cae35ee765d9888C21450c1ce34E1d22ee0ced06be537884313
12 more rows
May 1, 2023

What is the cheat code for master ball in Pokemon? ›

82005274 0001

You should then set the “cheat type” to “codebreaker”. Now set it to “autodetect” and you will be able to get Pokémon Master Emerald Balls at any time you wish.

What is the most famous gaming cheat code? ›

In its most famous form, the Konami Code was Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A — a series of buttons that many kids had burned into their memory. Without the code to give you 30 extra lives in Contra, beating the game was all but impossible – and it still wasn't a cakewalk with the code.

Can you go to jail for cheating in a game? ›

Depending on the particulars of the case, including the total value of the fraud or theft involved, you could be charged with a felony-level offense and face years behind bars, heavy monetary fines, and a permanent criminal record.

How are game cheats detected? ›

Pattern detection systems scan the player's hard drives and system memory for known cheat code or programs. Compared to statistical detection the key advantage is that also the subtle cheaters are detected. Other than this, a pure pattern detection approach generally has few advantages.

What is GameShark for Pokemon? ›

The GameShark is a cheating device used to alter the internal data of many video games. It is well-known for its use in the Pokémon series, as it is one of the ways to easily obtain legendary Pokémon or Pokémon only available through an event, and many rare items, such as Master Balls, Rare Candies, or vitamins.

What is the Nintendo cheat code? ›

Players would enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and Start on a controller to activate the "Konami code." It was first used in the game Gradius, but later made famous on Nintendo with Contra.

What do XXL Pokémon do? ›

When you encounter a XXS, or an XXL Pokémon, the game will show a smaller or a larger version of the Pokémon, and a special animation will appear saying whether they are “tiny” or “HUGE” – “tiny” for XXS, and “HUGE” for XXL Pokémon.

Does walking give XL candy? ›

Walking with a buddy gives you a chance of receiving one XL Candy for that Pokémon, every time you earn regular candy. Like catching and transferring, your chance of success will rise if your buddy is of a higher level.

How many candies to level 100? ›

Conclusion: It takes 34 XL Candy to give a Pokémon 1,000,000 experience points. If it belongs to the "Med-Fast" group (like most Pokémon), then it will reach Level 100 after 34 XL Candy. In order not to waste a single Candy, the most efficient combination would be to use 33 XL Candy and one L Candy.

What is the cheat code of Rare Candy? ›

You're then going to have to add this Codebreaker Item Modifier code for the Rare Candy: 82025BD0 0044. Since this is a Codebreaker code, it's best that you add this to your cheat list separately from the Infinite Item code. It is not advisable to use this code by itself since it might cause your game to crash.

Is there a Rare Candy glitch? ›

The Pokédex 000 item duplication glitch (also referred to as the Rare Candy cheat due to the preferred item chosen to duplicate) is a glitch in the Generation I games. It allows the player to duplicate items in their Bag by encountering any glitch Pokémon with a Pokédex number of 000. This includes MissingNo.

Do Rare Candies ruin stats? ›

Rare Candies provide no Stat Exp; Pokémon who are raised using this item will therefore tend to be weaker than those who are trained in battle.

How do you farm Rare Candy XL? ›

The most viable method of gaining Rare Candy XL is by completing 3-Star and higher Pokemon Raids. Every time a player successfully beats a Raid, they'll have a slight chance to receive 1-3 Rare Candy XL as a reward.

What happens if you use a Rare Candy on a level 100 Pokémon? ›

If a Rare Candy is used on a level 100 Pokémon that evolves by leveling up and currently meets its evolution requirements, it will evolve (without gaining a level). This applies to all Pokémon that evolve by leveling up, not just Pokémon that evolve at or above a certain level.

What Pokémon earns candy the fastest? ›

The following Pokemon will earn one Candy for every 1 km you walk either with the game open or Adventure Sync activated:
  • Caterpie, Metapod, and Butterfree.
  • Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill.
  • Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot.
  • Rattata and Raticate.
  • Spearow and Fearow.
  • Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu.
  • Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable.
Apr 14, 2023

Is Riolu a cheater? ›

The report found that many runs across more than nine years and various Trackmania titles were likely cheated. Riolu denied these accusations in a stream immediately prior to the release of the report.

Why was Lucario blind? ›

When Cameran Palace was about to be caught in the middle of a war, Aaron was on his way to the Tree of Beginning to attempt to stop the battle when he came across Lucario, who had been temporarily blinded by a group of sand-kicking Houndoom.

How to get a free Lucario? ›

After defeating Korrina in the Shalour City Gym, she'll challenge you to a rematch atop the Tower of Mastery. The Lucario that accompanies her will join your side for the rematch and come with its own Mega Stone. After defeating her again, she'll allow you to keep the Lucario since it has grown a bond with you.

Are GBA emulators illegal? ›

Yes, you can legally download a Gameboy emulator. The emulator itself is completely legal to download.

Can you get banned for using Cheat Engine on single player games? ›

If Cheat Engine is running you will most likely get a VAC error. If you actively use Cheat Engine in a VAC secured game, you will UNDOUBTEDLY receive a VAC ban very quickly.

Does Cheat Engine work on all games? ›

Not all games work with Cheat Engine, but you'll have the best luck with single-player Steam games.

Are hacked Pokémon illegal? ›

How to tell if you have unknowingly modified Pokémon. The Pokémon Company clarified that players who received some of these "hacked" Pokémon without their knowledge will not be banned. The ruling will only apply to those who frequently engage in this behavior.

Is it legal to hack in Pokémon? ›

In January, Nintendo itself issued a statement warning all hackers that modifying game data - which includes genning artificial Pokemon - could result in bans across various in-game functions. The warning even extended to permanent suspensions from Pokemon Home in specific circumstances.

Do hacked Pokémon ruin your game? ›

About your game: No need to worry about your game, a Pokémon is just some information stored in your savegame and the OT (original trainer) information is preserved so even if it is a hacked one, you can't be marked as an illegal trader because you received the Pokémon and did not distribute it.

Are shiny locked Pokémon illegal? ›

Well, nothing bad would happen, because the shiny is still in the games code, BUT if you use it online, you could get banned for suspiscion of being the one that hacked it in.

Is My Shiny Pokémon hacked? ›

a- Check the EventDex. If it's not there, it's 99% hacked. Last attempt, try to google the OT and TID. If you see no exact match between Pokémon and OT, it's hacked.

Are any Pokémon shiny locked? ›

Availability. In all generations since Shiny Pokémon debuted, there are a few species that cannot be legitimately obtained as Shiny. These Pokémon are commonly referred to as Shiny-locked.

Can you catch Mew in Pokemon Fire Red? ›

Is that final empty spot in your Fire Red Pokedex taunting you? That spot belongs to Mew, and unfortunately there is no longer a way to catch one legitimately, as Mew was an event Pokémon only distributed during Nintendo events. The only way to get Mew these days is to trade, or to use a code.

What is the 100 catch code in fire red? ›

Unlimited Master Ball Pokémon cheat codes FireRed

If you find a shiny or are trying to get a special Pokémon, a Master Ball is the only way to make a 100% capture rate. Here's the code for unlimited Master Balls, which means you will catch every single thing you see: 82025840 0001.

Where is the secret key in fire red? ›

Jump off the balcony and take the stairs down to the building's basement. You should have no problem finding the Secret Key here (just remember to check the statues). After you've got the key, be sure to explore the whole mansion to find valuable items.

How do you get legendary without Master Ball? ›

12 Tips For Catching Legendary Pokémon When You Don't Have A Master Ball
  1. 1 Be Patient. At the end of the day, one of the most challenging parts of catching a Legendary Pokemon is the attempt to not get frustrated.
  2. 2 Sleep. ...
  3. 3 False Swipe. ...
  4. 4 Timer Balls. ...
  5. 5 Leppa Berries. ...
  6. 6 Heal Block or Taunt. ...
  7. 7 Save Your Game. ...
  8. 8 Dusk Balls. ...
Mar 15, 2021

Does Master Ball catch anything? ›

The Master Ball is perhaps the most iconic Pokémon-catching device of all time. First appearing way back in Pokémon Red and Blue of the main series, the Master Ball has a very special trait — a 100% catch rate on any Pokémon you use it on.

Can you play Pokemon ROM hacks on emulator? ›

If you're new to Pokemon ROM hacks and the best Pokemon emulators, then do not worry. All you need is to download the ROMs using the links under each section and then use the correct emulator on your phone, PC/Mac, or even on the best retro handhelds in order to play them. What is this?

Can you use cheats in Pokemon ROM hacks? ›

If the hack has the same EXP system as the original game (eg. doesn't have B/W EXP, which depends on level difference) then the cheat you're going to use should work, but definitely make a copy of your save before you use it.

Are Pokemon ROM hacks illegal? ›

Think of it like music downloads. The game emulator, like itunes, is legal, it just plays whatever media it is given. If you download a game you paid for, or the game is free to play, great, no harm done. The sharing of copyrighted game ROMs is what's illegal, much like downloading copyrighted music.

Can you use cheat on Citra emulator? ›

Basically, you can use this application if for any reason you want to cheat in games. Normally, this would be accomplished by a built-in cheat code function in the emulator, but unfortunately, Citra is not far enough in development for cheat codes to be implemented.

Can you get caught using emulators? ›

If you own a game physically, you are likely to emulate or own a ROM of the game. However, there's no legal precedent in the United States to say it's illegal. There is no trial on record of any company going to court over emulators or ROMs and their use.

Are Pokémon emulators illegal? ›

You should always check if it comes from a reputable source before downloading it. Most Pokémon emulators should not harm your iPhone or PC. Emulators are also perfectly legal to use. However, sharing and downloading ROMs to play on the emulator is illegal.

Are ROM emulators illegal? ›

But while emulators are free and legal, ROMs are not. A person can go through the tedious process of copying game data off their disc or cartridge to their computer, but nine times out of 10, people who have ROMs probably just downloaded them off some corner of the internet.

Is it OK to use hacked Pokemon? ›

As long as you don't show it off online or use it in multiplayer battles, nothing bad should happen. Maybe keep a box of any hacked Pokemon you receive as a sort of trophy case, to look but not touch. Just remember that no matter what you should never bring an obviously hacked Pokemon into an online activity.

Is it possible to cheat in Pokemon? ›

For starters, there aren't any actual cheat codes. Instead, Pokemon Go's shop uses promo codes. These codes are redeemed to receive a variety of items and sometimes even special research quests. Unfortunately, almost every promo code is crafted to be for one-time use only.

How to add cheats to ROM hacks? ›

Once the ROM is running, click the System menu and select "Cheats". You can also press Ctrl + C if the game is running. If you have a ROM directory set, you can right-click on a game in the list and select "Edit Cheats". The game must be on the list of supported ROMs in order for the Cheats menu to work.

What is the penalty for hacked Pokemon? ›

What is the penalty for hacked Pokémon? Players caught using hacked Pokemon face the following penalties: restriction of online play for all Pokemon titles, restricted use of trading features in Pokemon HOME, or an indefinite suspension from Pokemon HOME.

Can hacked Pokemon corrupt your game? ›

When traded to one of the Switch Pokemon games, the bad data hacked into the Pokemon will cause those games to either crash completely, or be forced to reboot when interacted with. Thankfully however, the bug does not affect Pokemon HOME as severely, and it is possible to remedy the issue using the storage app.

Does Citra run CIA or decrypted? ›

Citra only works with decrypted images, so any encrypted image needs to be decrypted first.

Does Cheat Engine work on games? ›

You can use Cheat Engine to change the number of items in your inventory by modifying their aspect numbers. Not all games work with Cheat Engine, but you'll have the best luck with single-player Steam games.


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