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13 July 2023 20:46

My dog had her dental, vaccinations and chip done here. Specific thank you to Jaque Le Roux and Mfu (reception guy) for their help.
Overall very friendly and helpful to the fur babies ️



03 June 2023 17:36

Worst establishment I've ever come across!
After they admit my dog a week ago they let me know I can come and get him with no mention that when I get there I will be told that I can't get my dog until I pay them almost R2000 and if I don't pay them by the end of the weekend they'll be putting my perfectly healthy dog to sleep. This so called animal hospital for underprivileged and disadvantaged won't let me even see my dog. I'm unemployed and can't pay them so they going to kill my dog rather than give me an option of paying small amounts to them. CRUEL AND DISGUSTING!




01 May 2023 17:52

Needed help with my kitten who was very sick and after being checked over by a nurse they found out that we were at the spca 3-4weeks before.we were theb told they were not going to help, we have to go back to spca. Was very disappointed because we had to take our sick kitty to a different dr just because he wasn't their patient originally. Sick is sick! When a patient needs help, help.doesn't matter where you went before! Very disappointed.



17 April 2023 12:04

Brilliant service.brilliant staff.the lines are a bit of a wait.but my cats alive today thanks too you guys!



24 March 2023 21:03

If you want to leave early you must get there early. They use a numbering system to help patients. Our dog was ill and had to be euthanized but we were treated with so much empathy and our fur baby was treated well too. The premises and facilities are clean and looks maintained. There's a clinic and adoption section and looks like there's a shop too.



08 March 2023 12:58

The staff is extremely caring and passionate about saving animals. Putting so much time into making sure the dogs are healthy and loved. Keep up the amazing work!



02 January 2023 22:26

Don't get back to you when you enquire about adoption, even after numerous follow up calls.



26 November 2022 7:26

SPCA is literally all about paperwork and sterilization.your dog could be dying and as long as he/she ain't sterilized you'll have to go through an hour of paperwork before they even attempt looking into your dog. Not to mention that sterilization does not come cheap, it R800, and this is a cost ontop of the consultation fee and treatment. I was quoted R1200 as a minimum. I called up Kuilsriver Private vet, their consultation is R340, sterilization is not required and it was so hassle-free. Gosh this from welfare clinic.glad I got my boy out of there before any of your procedures took place



08 November 2022 7:59

I reported an abused and neglected dog on Saturday night, and early Sunday morning the dog was rescued and being treated already by 10 am. Excellent service.



29 October 2022 18:23

I am deeply disgusted with the service of this vet. We haven't even taken our kitten there yet - this experience was after a phone call with the admin department in phillipi. We explained our problem to this lady and instead of offering help, she was extremely judgemental, critiquing the way we look after our cat. She did not even have the full details and basically told us that we were bad owners for not getting any prior treatment whereas his major symptom only began this morning. She was very rude throughout the entire call and she could not ensure that we would be seen if we took him today. This was the worst phonecall service ever. Please stop judging people without knowing their circumstances!



31 May 2022 13:01

Can't give it a 0 hence me giving it a 1. My dog was put down yesterday. ME, I, THE OWNER OF THE DOG, WHO LIVES WITH THE DOG DID NOT GIVE CONSENT. A relative (who does not live with MY dog) decided to sign (more like was bullied while emotional) as the owner therefore, giving THIS SO CALLED WELFARE the right to put my dog down. Get your facts straight when getting people to sign over the rights of a dog. How the hell do you put a dog down without the REAL owner's CONSENT? !? !



20 March 2022 18:47

Took my dog because she was ill, they put her on a drip and ran all sorts of tests, then sent me home with rehydrate.
I had to watch my dog suffer untill she died just 6 hrs from returning home from the vet.
Why do you run useless tests and giving injections knowing full well the dog is going to die!
the most humane thing to do in that moment was to advise me to put her down.
Seems your most humane thing to do is get the money!
I am forever traumatised by my dogs screams as she took her last breath.



07 March 2022 16:03

They cannot even help with my dog, they sent us back home without even having a look at dog they just said we must go to the pet shop



04 February 2022 11:02

I have a puppy that needs a home can animal welfare take the puppy in their care and place in a safe home?



21 January 2022 5:52

Usually get really good service here but today my mother took our cat at around 8am to the clinic as he had gotten into a fight with a neighbourhood cat. He had a big gash underneath his body and the wound was open. Fortunately he was not in any distress and we just wanted his wound seen to.

The person at the front told us to go elsewhere because the nurse was on break and there were people ahead of us. At 8am on a Saturday I understand that we would have had to wait. But We were turned away with a wounded cat from a place that’s supposed to care about animals.

When my mother asked the person at the front if she could at least get a ticket to wait as we were worried about our cat and would rather wait than drive elsewhere and look for a different vet. The person completely ignored her and disregarded her request for a ticket to wait in the queue.

We eventually went elsewhere and were kindly offered a space to wait and were told our cat’s wound was infected and he would need to be admitted and they would take care of him.

Really disappointing as supporting the animal welfare society has always been an important thing for us.



15 September 2021 13:07

The qualified vets have so much compassion and genuine love for the animals they see. They saved my dogs lives on more than one occasion from illness. They always do their very best and give you advice and are ready to help wherever they can. All the staff are helpful and pleasant.



06 July 2021 4:41

Took my cat in with sores on her tongue and they recommended FIV test which came negative but they insisted that its positive I won't see it but it's there. They didn't give me anything for pain or antibiotics, two doctors agreed with each other that my cat was gonna get worse and die. I was devastated as she was in pain and took her to a private clinic she was treated with antibiotics and given pain meds. After a week I went for a follow up and I requested the FIV test and it also came negative. She is eating, playing and happy. They emotional stress this place caused, I can't explain.



21 June 2021 16:12

Visited this God forsaken non caring non compassion towards humans and animals CATS in percific was at the welfare on 24 May 2021 with my 2 healthy Cats they refuse to test them said they are MOST LIKELY to have FELV/FIV and painted this horrible picture of these diseases wich I later discovered cats can live a normal life with those conditions they cornered me into signing papers to have them KILLED I wonder if a human goes to the doctor and they find out that human has cancer does the doctor kill u so why are humans being miss informed by
professionals and cats being KILLED TO MAKE COMPOST this something I would not like any one to go thru I am still emotionally drained by the whole ordeal and that professionals did not take the time to give me a choice not to sign



18 February 2021 13:05

I'm so happy with the service I received today. Michelle who attended to my dog was compassionate, friendly and went the extra mile to assist me. My dog tested positive for parvo and she gave me the best advice on how to move forward. He was admitted and hopefully will make a full recovery soon



02 January 2021 0:01

There love for animals is unbelievable
Staff very helpful and respected
Great system for covid-19



17 June 2020 18:28

Thank you to everyone at Animal Welfare Society, from the man who greeted us at the door to kennel-hand Lawrence, inspector Mark and Christine, for our beautiful boy, Llewellyn. As I write this, he is curled up on his couch, fast asleep. The cats are loving their new house-mate, and my old dog is delighted to have a new companion. He is the sweetest dog, and so loved.



31 January 2020 17:52

Took my dogs there for treatments for various problems including Max for a hip problem and was treated like I was family and dogs loved it. Small mixed female (Lolly), male pit bull cross (Max) and Yorky mix (Alfy). Will only take my pets and other injured animals to you guys. God bless you all.



13 January 2020 0:11

I called in to the clinic and was met with very little empathy. Instead, it was communicated, quite harshly, that no help can be provided. I suggest that it be ensured that receptionists for such clinics are able to show compassion and kindness to people they come into contact with who may be deeply affected by their pet's Illness. I am deeply disturbed that one could assert that one is able to treat animals with kindness and not extend kindness to a human in crisis.



13 December 2019 6:23

My cat was a house cat never in contact with other cats I am 1 billion percent sure of that.

My cat was taken to the spca phillipi to be sterilized. After coming back he started getting sick. After many weeks trying to get my cat back to health he was diagnosed with AIDS and had to be put to sleep.

He could have only gotten that at the spca.
Nowhere else. They will deny this but I know the truth.

I trusted them to give my cat the best care as if it were their pet.

I am heartbroken.

Clean your environment SPCA Phillipi



11 June 2019 21:12

Friendly reception, veterinarians and staff. Premises are always clean and the animals are well taken care of, keep up the great work guys



10 February 2019 12:20

Was awesome until they pushed me in a corner to have my puppy sterilized when I came there the second time, they do not offer a third vaccination without sterilization which is unfair because sterilization of your pup should be your choice and it's a big one if you asked me.



24 October 2018 7:48

Really good service, and caring staff. Prices are affordable which is great, because I felt really helpless looking at the prices of other vets and hospitals. Thank you so much.



25 July 2018 2:57

I am so pleased with the service towards my husband, myself and ofcos my cat that i received over this weekend.
They took proper time to examine and explain to us how she will be treated and for what she will be treated for.
They were to our dismay our second opinion as we went to PDSA in Lenteguer. Sadly my cat did not get the proper treatment that she was suppose to get also she got worse after the treatment.we were also told that the prognoses was really not good.she would have to be put down.but thank GOD that is not the case.i will recommend ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY over any other animal caring facility. The people alone are 100% CARING WELCOMING AND CARE SO MUCH FOR THE ANIMALS.please dont hesitate to go to the ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY in will not regret it



01 July 2018 2:47

The admin was messy but my rabbit was treated very well and I am so happy with the job they did. It's the only place that caters to small animals in my area that doesn't cost way too much. Thank you for what you do AWSSA.



14 April 2018 21:32

I love coming here, I don't go anywhere else but the only time I could come there to get something for my cat is today, good Friday, I understand it's a holiday but they could stay open till 12 or something at least.



17 June 2017 14:19

Rushed my cat there late one morning for treatment of a fracture and received great service and care. Amazing staff working there who truly care for the animals. My cats treatment is complete and the results are amazing, I am truly grateful and happy with the results. I highly recommend this place for any veterinary care required!


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